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The following document is the proposal by Dr. D.S.Murty, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, S.V.Medical College, Tirupati, in the general body meeting held on 7th February, 2010.
If you feel that any modifications are required, please give suggestions to us.

You can mail your suggestions to : (or)

Dr. O.Satyanarayana, General Secretary, IAMM AP Chapter, Department of Microbiology, Rangaraya Medical College, GGH Campus, Kakinada.

The document is also available on website. It facilitates the members who don't have ( or didn't give..!) their email ids to go through the document and give suggestions.

Please send your valuable suggestions before : June 31st 2010

Proposal :

This proposal was made in the general body meeting with the following goals :

1. UNIFORM FORMAT : to ensure uniformity in the abstracts submitted for presentations in the conference
2. UNIFORM CUT OFF DATE : for submissions irrespective of the year or place of the annual conference


The idea of uniform format for abstracts was conceived after observing several varieties of 'abstracts'- ranging from:
the shortest abstract with only few lines to the longest abstract running into several pages;
the abstracts submitted by scribbling 'something' on a small piece of paper to the abstracts that were submitted as scanned pictures (including 'as it is' pictures from text books);
abstracts that describe even the common details to the abstracts that just grope around the topic and say 'the results will be discussed later'... etc.

To avoid such 'wide variations', i felt that it is better to have an uniform format.

One more reason for this 'uniform format' is to ensure that the postgraduates get familiarised with the submission of abstrats or papers in a predefined format to the journals of their choice.

The draft prepared by me is presented here : CLICK HERE . It is based on the suggestions provided in the website of IJMM for its authors.


December 31st of each year can be kept as a cut off date for submission of papers for presentation in the annual conference to be held in February next year. This uniform submission date is : irrespective of the place and actual dates of annual conference and independent of the registration dates.

This facilitates every one of us to gear up and prepare abstracts and submit them rather than waiting for the organising secretary to announce the dates and later murmering that the time is not sufficient or the information was not passed on in time.

The address where to submit the abstracts will be provided up to date on the website.

The rules for different prize categories are also available on the web site ( in "CONSTITUTION") .

Please mail to : if you find any difficulty in finding them.

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