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IAMM Laboratory Capacity Survey

Communication from : Dr. B.L.Sherval,  Secretary, IAMM National Body : 

Sub : Laboratory Capacity Survey

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (IAMM) ( with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ( is working together to identify in-country diagnostic resources and to create a database of important public and private sector laboratories across the country. This will include both human and veterinary labs that exhibit capacity for public health purposes (e.g. testing capacity for epidemic prone disease, participation in outbreak investigations and potential public health emergencies).

Although, India has a few robust laboratory networks with good public health competencies, the diagnostic and network capacities available outside these established networks are often under-utilized during public health events and emergencies. To address this issue, IAMM has taken up the responsibility to review the current laboratory diagnostic capacities in and outside the network. This information will be used to highlight the strengths of each laboratory and to identify key areas that can be further supported to strengthen the lab. This will ultimately lead to enhancement of capacity, optimization of resources, and a robust country-wide lab network for important communicable diseases.

Understanding the importance of this initiative, you are kindly requested to participate by providing basic information about the capacity and function of your institution/laboratory (see questionnaire attached). It would be much appreciated if you return the completed questionnaire at by the 25th April, 2017.

If you have any queries regarding filling out this form, you may kindly contact Ms. Richa Kedia (at between 9.30 AM and 5.30 PM on any working day.

Your contribution to this far-reaching endeavor will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your contribution.

With Warm Regards

Dr B L Sherwal

Download : IAMM Questionnaire

IAMM : Steps to get GPS coordinates

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

XX IAMM TAPC Chapter Annual State Conference : Report

21ST-22ND JANUARY 2017


The XX IAMM TAPC Chapter Annual Conference  was  organized by the Department of Microbiology, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada on 21st and 22nd January 2017.  Dr. K.R.L.Suryakirani, Professor and Head of Microbiology, Rangaraya Medical College (RMC) is the organizing secretary of the conference. 

The programme started with an half day CME on “ ROLE OF MICROSCOPY IN CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY”. Dr. Ranganathan Iyer, Consultant Microbiologist, Global Hospitals, has shared  his practical experience through his presentation on   staining techniques in Microbiology.  Later there was a talk on Histopathology in Infectious diseases, by Dr. C.V.Lakshmi, Asst Professor of Pathology, Rangaraya Medical College. Her lecture was followed by demonstration of  various histopathology slides relevant to clinical microbiology.  

The  Inaugural ceremony of the  conference was   held at 11.00 AM on 21st  January 2017. The ceremony  was attended by Dr. Vasanthi Kabra, President of IAMM TAPC Chapter,  Dr. D.S.Murty, Secretary of IAMM TAPC Chapter,  Dr. K.R.L. Suryakirani, Organising Secretary of the conference,  her team , executive members of IAMM TAPC CHAPTER,  and other delegates. Dr. M.Satyavani,MD, Former Professor and Head of Microbiology, RMC was the guest of honor; Dr I.V.Rao, M.D., Former Director of Medical Education and Vice Chancellor of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, was the chief guest.   Dr. K.Babji, MS,MCh(Neuro) , Director of Medical Education (Academic)  was the special guest for the ceremony.  Dr. O.Satyanarayana and Dr. Kasturi, Treasurer, IAMM TAPC conducted the proceedings. Dr  P.Balamurali Krishna,  Professor and Head of Microbiology, Gayatri Vidya Parishad, welcomed all the guests  and gave a poetic commentary of the proceedings.  Dr. D.S.Murty, Secretary of IAMM TAPC Chapter presented the report and mentioned  the development of website, ongoing membership drive and  other  activities like PG write up competitions held during last year.  The coference souvenir  and CD were released by Dr Raghavender Rao, Vice Principal, RMC. The  IAMM TAPC Chapter  Annual News Bulletin was released by Dr. Y.Nageswara Rao, M.S, Superintendent , Govt General Hospital, RMC. All the guests delivered their messages  and emphasized the role of clinical microbiology in the  patient care. A special emphasis was made regarding the development of virology laboratories in the state to handle the epidemics like swine flu. 

 Dr. Rajyalakshmi Memorial Oration was delivered by Dr. M.V.Ramanamma  on “Applications of  Flow Cytometry in Clincial Microbiology”.  Later there were presentations for Dr. C.S.Bhaskaran Medal and  Dri B.Krishna Rao memorial prize for post graduates.  General body meeting was held in the evening at 5.30 PM. The venue of the next conference was decided in the general body meeting. The next conference  will be conducted by :  Narayana Medical College, Nellore with Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Professor and Head as the Organising Secretary. It was also resolved in the general body meeting  to institute  presidential oration in the state conference too from the next year onwards. several members suggested that the PG examination can be conducted in two days , with key focus on clinical microbiology and also that the peripheral postings of the PGs can be strictly followed. These things will be circulated on the website for a consensus from HODs and for communicating to the university. Dr. K.R.L.Suryakirani, Organising Secretary of the XX IAMM TAPC Chapter Annual State conference was elected as the next  President of IAMM TAPC Chapter. 

The second day of the conference started with the   PG pedagogy  (Guntur Medical College prize )on “Microscopy- Different techniques and Advances” – 5 post graduates from 5 colleges have presented in the stipulated time of 10 minutes each and were evaluated adapted microteaching guidelines. All the senior retired professors  of RMC were felicitated after the pedagogy competition.  Later  postgraduate quiz (Dr Satyanarayana Prize) was conducted by Dr. D.S.Murty, Secretary of IAMM TAPC Chapter. Dr. V.Lakshmi, Professor and HOD of NIMS, Hyderabad delivered a guest lecture on “Recent Advances in the Diagnosis of Arboviral Infections”.  

The  other competitions (RMC Prize for Sr. Faculty ,  Smt. BS Laxmi Prize for Junior Faculty,  Sri ISN Murthy Prize for Posters and Free papers) were held afterwards. The conference ended with the valedictory and awarding prizes to the winners in various competitions. 

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XX IAMM TAPC Annual State Conference : Minutes of the Generalbody Meeting

21ST-22ND JANUARY 2017


The agenda  and points discussed in Genera body meeting  were as follows : :

1.      Decision regarding  next conference (2018) :  Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Professor and Head of Narayana Medical College, Nellore proposed that he will conduct the  XXI IAMM TAPC Chapter Annual Conference in 2018 at Narayana Medical College, Nellore. The proposal was accepted by the  general body. The dates will be decided later after the  announcement of examination calendar of the university. 

2.      Treasurer’s report : Dr. Kasturi P., Treasurer of IAMM TAPC  Chapter presented  the Treasurer’s report.  The general body approved it. 

3.      Memberships and membership fees :  The general body at length discussed  various aspects and arrived at the following decisions : 

a.      The life membership fees will be enhanced to Rs 1500/- from Rs. 1000/-  w.e.f. 1st March 2017

b.      Annual memberships will no longer be  permitted.

c.       All the postgraduates are required to take  3-year PG membership  (no change in the fee of Rs. 500/-) that is valid for 3 years.

d.      All senior residents are eligible to take a  life membership.

e.      All those who are applying for life membership are recommended to take the National IAMM Membership also. That is also a prerequisite for participating in some of the competitions (refer to guidelines). 

4.      Dr. Ranganathan  Iyer proposed institution of presidential oration in the state conference too. The general body accepted it and it is decided to allot a slot of 40 minutes (35 min actual talk + 5 min introduction) on the first day of the conference after inaugural ceremony. Organising committee will bear the TA and DA for the same. 

5.      Dr Iyer also proposed conduction of midterm CME :  the general body declined the proposal as there were already  several zonal CMEs going on in different parts of the state and  it is mandatory for the postgraduates  to attend  those CMEs. 

6.      Electing the executive body :  Dr. K.R.L.Suryakirani will be the President of IAMM TAPC Chapter  and taken over the charge from Dr. Vasanti Kabra.  The other members of the executive body will be    elected  during the general body  meeting to be held  in 2018 at Narayana Medical College, Nellore. An announcement will  be released to that effect  in  October 2017. 

7.      Donations for the prizes : many of the existing prizes have fixed deposits and interest generated on them is being utilized for giving the awards. However, some awards are being brought by the donors themselves  at the time of conference. Dr. K.R.L.Suryakirani madam announced that she will deposit the amount for the prizes already instituted by her.  It is decided to write a letter to the  other donors too to deposit the amount at the earliest as a fixed deposit with the IAMM TAPC Chapter.  For institution of any new prizes, the tariffs are already fixed in an earlier general body meeting at vizag (cash prizes = minimum deposit of Rs. 50,000/- and medal = Rs. 1,00,000/-). 

8.      Using  National body PAN number : Dr. Prasanthi, vice-president mentioned that, in the general body meeting at the national conference (Chandigarh),  a  subcommittee  has  been  constituted  to  amend  the  IAMM constitution  regarding use of PAN Cards,  life membership, or any other  issue related to the account affiliations.  The point is noted by the general body. 

9.      PG Examination and curriculum : many members recommended that PG practical examination may be shortened for two days, yet to cover the important aspects of practical microbiology. Members felt that it is better to switch over to the practical aspects that are of immediate relevance in the present day context of diagnostic microbiology.  A  message to highlight similar problem was circulated on the website few years back and a two day schedule designed by Dr. P. Sreenivasulu Reddy, HOD of Narayana Medical College  is also available on the website. We will revive it and recirculate seeking the advice of all the heads of the departments and a consolidated opinion of the members can be transmitted to  the university for approval.  Some also pointed out the  issue that the PGs are to be given peripheral postings as per the existing guidelines to increase clinical exposure.

10.  Incorporation of medical education concept into the annual conference :  Good discussion took place about how to incorporate the topics of medical education  into the discussions or deliberations at the conference. But a consensus has not reached. It needs further discussion through online/whatsapp or emails for forming a final opinion.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Message from : Dr. Anju Kagal, Treasurer, IAMM


Dear Members, 
As we are preparing a new directory of life members of IAMM , It would be nice if you had  a chance to update your particulars . I am going to forward an attachment which I have attempted to put in alphabetic order. Please go through the Excel sheet and help with the following:

1. If you want anything changed please send me a separate mail, with the following details 
 a.) Membership number 
b.) Current name (surname first DO NOT mention designation here) 
 c) Residential  address (this address should be where you want your journal sent Please mention the  PIN code or the journal will not be delivered. ) 
c)  Your current designation  and detailed address of your office. 
d) Email address 
e ) Mobile number 
f.) Changes you want (name spelling, address etc) in the details. (these MUST NOT be done on the excel sheet) but sent by email .Please highlight the changes in color.
Many members' email addresses and mobile numbers do not exist in the current list, so even if you do not want to make any changes in b) c) and d)  please mention those with your Life membership number 
Please also contact your colleagues in your departments, whose email addresses may not be in this email and share the excel sheet with them, so they can get back to me.

If any of you know the founder and initial members details please also let me know how I can contact them ,email/phone numbers because in many cases the details are incomplete.If you can, please  help them to update their details .

  Over the years many members maybe deceased, so if you do know of any of them (even though you may not know their membership numbers) please inform the treasurers Office . 
Anju Kagal
Treasurer, IAMM
Dept of Microbiology,
B.J.Medical College
Pune 411001

Email ID of Dr. Anju Kagal :

Download the excel file of the old national directory here : click here

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Report : XIX Annual Conference

XIX Annual Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists,
Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Combined Chapter (IAMM TAPC Chapter)
Organised by :
Department of Microbiology,  S.V.S.Medical College, Mahabubnagar
29th to 31st January 2016


The  XIX Annual Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Combined Chapter – IAMM TAPC Chapter was  organized  by the  Department of Microbiology,  S.V.S.Medical College, Mahabubnagar f rom 29th to 31st January 2016.. Dr. Vasanti Kabra  Professor  and Head of Department of Microbiology, S.V.S.Medical college, Mahabubnagar conducted the conference as Organizing secretary.  About 250 faculty and postgraduates from the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are participated in the conference. 
First day is the pre-conference  CME (continuing medical education) programme on 29-01-2016. It covered the “recent advances in clinical and microbiological aspects of Mycotic infections”.   Dr. Uma Tendulkar, Professor of Microbiology, Lokamanya Tilak Medical college, Mumbia  spoke  on Fungal rhinosinusitis. Dr. P.Umabala ,Associate  professor from NIMS  presented  on  Emerging and remerging invasive yeast infections.  Dr. Ranganatha Iyer, senior microbiologist from Global Hospitals, Hyderabad  delivered a lecture on Fungal infections in organ transplant recipients.  Later there was  a lecture on Regulatory policies and scientific affairs of Mosanto India. Afternoon,  there was discussion  on Processing of Clinical specimens in Mycology Laboratory by Dr. Anupama Jyothi Kindo, from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai.  After the lectures, the slide demonstrations  were arranged on various fungi with discussions and practical  shows.
On the  first day of conference, on 30-1-2016, many of the postgraduates and faculty  presented papers  in various competitions of presenting their research work papers.  The prestigious Dr. C.S.Bhaskaran award  prize papers were held  on the first day of conference.  Dr. Kola Rajyalakshmi Memorial oration was  delivered by Dr. T.V.Rao from Travancore Medical College, Kollam, on “the emerging technologies in diagnostic microbiology and challenges to the young microbiologists” .  Dr. Ranganatha Iyer  presented a Guest Lecture on , “Theatre Issues in Infection Control” . The General Body Meeting was conducted on the afternoon of 30-1-2016. The venue of the next conference was decided as : The Department of Microbiology, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh with Dr. K.R.L.Surya Kirani, Professor and Head of the Department as the Organizing Secretary. Dr. vasanti Kabra, Organising Secretary of the XIX IAMM TAPC Annual State Conference was elected as the new President of IAMM TAPC Chapter and she took charge from Dr. B.Anuradha, Professor and Head of Microbiology, Mamatha Medical College, Khammam.   On the second day of conference, on 31-01-2016, Dr. Usha Kalavat from SVIMS, Tirupati  presented a guest lecture on “Advances in Molecular diagnosis of Infectious diseases”.  Later , a quiz programme for the post-graduate students was conducted by Dr. D.S.Murty , Secretary of IAMM TAPC Chapter.
The following is a list of various categories of presentations and the  list of prize winners :

Dr.Rajyalakshmi Memorial Oration
Dr. T V Rao
Dr.C.S. Bhaskaran Award  
Dr.Girisha, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Rangaraya Medical College Senior Faculty Award  
Dr. Suryakirani, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
Smt B.S.Laxmi Memorial Prize For Junior Faculty
Dr. Padmaja, NIzams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
Sri B.Krishna Rao Memorial Prize For Postgraduates
1)      Dr.M.M.Sirisha, Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
2)      Dr.K. Naga Soujanya, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad
Dr. Satyanarayana Memorial Prize For PG Quiz
1)      Dr. N V Hemalatha, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
2)      Dr. V. Satya Chandrika,  Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
Sri I.S.N.Murty Memorial Prize For Posters  
1)      Dr. Vijayalakshmi, Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool
2)      Dr. L. Bhaskar, SVS Medical College, Mahabubnagar
Dr. Ahmed Sardar, SVS Medical      College, Mahabubnagar
Guntur Medical College Prize For PG Pedagogy
1)      Dr. K.Ravi kiran, Guntur Medical  College, Guntur
2)      Dr. N V Hemalatha, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam
Smt M. Lakshminarasamma Memorial prize for Best Outgoing PG
Dr. Cheekaramelli Meena
Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada
Free Papers
1)      Dr. Neelvani, SRMC, Chennai
2)      Dr. Sunitha Pakalapaty, Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad
Dr.B.Soniya Rani, SVMedical College, Tirupathi

Dr. D.S.Murty,
Secretary, Indian Association  of Medical Microbiologists, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Combined Chapter (IAMM TAPC Chapter), Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Osmania Medical college, Hyderabad