Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to use website

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To access the web pages :
There are two ways to access it :

1. Type the following URL address in the address bar of the Internet explorer : , and click ‘go’

2. Just type ‘ iammapchapter ’ in Google search and click ‘search’. You will find the links directed to the website.

You may save the page under ‘favorites’ or ‘Bokmarks’ for easy access later.

How to save as ‘bookmarks’ : click ‘favourites’ in the Internet explorer toolbar. A panel opens on the left side of the window. Click ‘add’ .

To view : The pages are best viewed with Internet explorer 6.0 or higher, with the text size set to ‘Medium’ (this is the default setting in many systems; you may check it, by clicking ‘view’ in the tool bar and see ‘text size’ as ‘medium’). If the text size is ‘large’, the home page might appear little distorted.

To view the links : just click on the highlighted text (link)

To save the pdf files : right click on the link and select 'save target as'

This is recommended, as clicking on a pdf link tries to open the file in the browser, which may cause the browser to stop responding for sometime, especially if system is low in memory or the network is slow.


You will be receiving any important information by email, if you submit your email to iammpachapter. simply send your details and email id to register.


Please add the mail id of iammapchapter ( ) to your address book. Otherwise the mails from the iammapchapter might go to your 'bulk mail' or 'junk mail' folders rather than being delivered to your inbox and you might miss any important communication. So, please add the mail address to your inbox as soon as possible.

Important Message


Please register to receive email alerts about the news bulletins and other important issues related to the website.
Registration is simple.

Just send your email ids with your details to :

Please also delete spam from your mail boxes.
Recently we are getting a lot of spam emails.
We are trying to filter them out but it consumes lot of energy , which otherwise can be devoted to the development of the website.
Also we are planning to put a presentation on how to use this website soon to help the new users. So keep looking for important updates.


The directory is planned to be updated. all the members are requested to submit their latest details as soon as possible to our email id ( ). Also communicate this message to your friends.
More responses are coming from the members to update their details in the directory.We thank them for coming forward.

Membership form is available on website.

The suggestions and contributions are welcome at :


We congratulate all the members for their active participation by submitting photographs and articles.
We also request the contributors of the photographs to please enclose the details like the magnification, staining procedures and relavent clinical data to enrich the webpage.