Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Microconap 2013: Certain guidelines:posters and presentations:

Certain guidelines for the participants of  Paper/poster presentations at the IAMM AP Chapter Annual state conference to be held at Andhra Medical College, Visakhaptanam in February 2013.

Presentations at the conference :  all the presenters are requested to submit their powerpoint presentations in Powerpoint 97-2003 format only.  (HELP : How to save as 2003 format using Office 2007 & also an important note for Office 2010 usersà See below )
Total time allotted for "Free Paper session" is :  6 (six minutes) only (including time for buffer/discussions).
For Dr. C.S.Bhaskaran Sir's award and other prize category Presentations : 10 minutes only.
Please note this while planning your presentations.

Posters : The participants  of the poster presentation are requested to make the posters in the size of  3ft x 3ft ONLY.  They are also requested to bring the drawing pins necessary for mounting the posters. The font size should be adjusted in such a way that the poster shall be comfortable to read from a distance of about 3ft.

PG  Pedagogy : The PG pedagogy topics have been allotted to various colleges in the 5 zones (according to the DrNTRUHS Zonal CME guidelines); the colleges and the respective topics were selected by a lottery system, conducted in the presence of  senior professors who attended the spot valuation at Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam. The time alloted for each presentation is only 10 minutes.
The topics and colleges are as follows :
1. Chelmeda Ananda Rao Institute of Medical Sciences,  Karimnagar - Parasitic Infections In Immunocompromised Host
2. Medicity Medical College Rangareddy - Immunodiagnosis Of Parasitic Infections
3. Narayana Medical College Nellore - Culture Techniques For Parasites
4. Guntur Medical College Guntur - Nosocomial Parasitic Infections
5. Rangaraya Medical College Kakinada - Staining Techniques For Parasites


How to save in Powerpoint 2003 format using Office 2007/2010 :
*(a humble  note : the HELP paragraph mentioned below is  ONLY for those who wish to know; those who already know may skip it....!) 
If you are using office 2003 edition, the files will automatically be saved as 2003format (.ppt). 
But, if you are using office 2007 or 2010, you have to go to à file à save as à then select “97-2003” format;  (or) you have to click on the office button at the top left corner to get this menu.

Note for Office 2010 users : please check the file for its accuracy after saving in 2003 format  by opening the file  in another computer as some compatibility issues are noted  when saving a file from office 2010 to earlier versions; this problem is more likely to occur when your powepoint slides  contain embedded data like table copied from excel sheet etc.



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