Friday, February 18, 2011


This is to communicate to all the members regarding certain issues of importance.

The New Executive Body of IAMM AP Chapter : CLICK HERE

  • President : Dr. G.Krishna Murty
  • Vice President : Dr. K.Vishnu Vardhan Rao

Please click here for complete details of the executive body.

There will be meeting of all the executive members is planned to be held at the Chambers of the President Dr. G.Krishna Murty, Professor and Head, Dep. Of Microbiology, Guntur Medical College, Guntur. The initially proposed date (March second saturday) is postponed as we are expecting more response and active feed back from the members regarding the following points that are planned to be discussed.

The things planned to be discussed are :

1. Registration of the Association

2. The PG Memberships :

  • The existing rate of the PG 3-year membership is Rs. 500-00. But, several PGs are taking only the annual membership, before presenting papers in the state conference. It is desirable to make the PG-3 year membership compulsary for all the PGs joined from this academic year and heads of the department fo microbiology in various colleges have to take the responsibility of collecting the amount from the newly joined pgs and sending the same to the treasurer . The annual membership may be totally avoided for PGs and can be limited to those who finished MD and not yet taken life membership or the MSc postgraduates who did not get the eligibility for life membership as per the National guidelines.

3. The Name of the Department :

  • The Name of the department may be changed to “The Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases” , with more momentum towards the clinical microbiology. Once we get opinions and feedback from the members, the proposals will be presented to the govt authorities and national body.
In this regard, all the members are requested to convey their opinions on these issues to the email id of iammapchapter :

Please mail your valuable suggestions and opinions as soon as possible, preferably by the end of March First week, so that it helps a lot in organizing the ideas.

Added on 10th March 2011 :

The suggestions we received so far (till 10th March, 2011) regarding the name of the dept :
1. Department of Clinical Microbiology
2. Department of Infectious Medicine
3. Department of Infectious Diseases

Please give your feedback.

Update : 10th March 2011

The meeting of the executive body is planned on : 9th April, 2011


  1. Never too late to approve the name of department as suggested.

  2. I would offer my suggestios as below:
    1. postgraduates should regiter as PG members which should be for a period of 3 years , after which the membership should automatically expire.
    2. the name of the department may be ' department of clinical microbiology' rather than a long name which is difficult for correspondence.

    Dr M.V. Ramanamma

  3. i suggestion the name it as ID(INFECTIOUS DISEASES) FOR ALL MD degrees. same in followed in US. SO we will have importance n referrals for many infectious diseases like PUO N RARE CASES that go undiagnosed . IN FUTURE THIS GOING TO TAKE a IMPORTANCE turn. as we r in era of evidence based medicine

    Dr.Raghu prakash reddy.

  4. Dr. Ranganathan N IyerFebruary 26, 2011 at 11:31 PM

    I would suggest naming of departments as
    " Department of Clinical Microbiology"
    Infectious diseases training requires a in depth knowledge of Internal Medicine as one needs to be proficient in running a consultative service ( both outpatients and in patients as well as emergency infectious diseases), which I wonder if we coud offer such a service being clinical microbiologists. It will be great if we could do clinical microbiology and advice on antimicrobial therapy and infection control in a proper manner

  5. Dr Abhijit ChaudhuryFebruary 28, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    I concur with the views of Dr Iyer as Infectious Disease specialists in US have to undergo training in Clinical Medicine as well, which is non existant in India. Dept of Clinical/Medical Microbiology is more appropriate.
    Dr Abhijit Chaudhury, Tirupati

  6. Hi all to all the members of IAMM AP Chapter. Time has come to mould ourselves and shine. I suggest "Department of Clinical Microbiology" as it gives a good meaning that we can be in contact with clinicians rather it looks that we are completely in teaching profession. We should sit and discuss regarding "Antibiotic Policies" and also "HIC"- Hospital Infection Control especially in tertiary care hospitals. Clinical Microbiologist should take a leading role in making rounds in hospitals for HIC. Many of us are still to books and not to patients. Interactions between clinician and Clinical Microbiologist should be built up. Lets try our best to bring up these to implement and see a tag MD (Clinical Microbiologist). As a Micobiologist practioner in Lab I come across many hurdles with clinicans.

  7. Hi !
    The need to change the the name from the current "Department of Microbiology" is apt - I would suggest "Department of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases"-
    This is because ,The changes in development in Clinical investigations are a priority.
    Then again- Microbiology is simply not -a passive teaching procedure & involves research orientation as well.
    Hence ,a clinical problem which involves surgical and anatomical problem also related to physiology should be approached holistically.

    Dr Sistla Shobarani M.D
    Professor of Microbiology
    Rangaraya Medical College

  8. The name of the Dept may be aptly changed to -"The Department of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases"- as The main - stay of this Department is not only Medical Teaching - but involves Clinical Investigative & Diagnostic work as well as Research orientation based on a Clinical problem like for Eg;
    A surgical problem which is very much an Anatomical problem & a medical problem could be very well one of physiology. Hence at this juncture a change is neded which is a more holistic approach to the clinician,clinical problem and the patient.
    Dr Sistla Shobarani

    Dr Sistla Shobarani M.D
    Professor of Microbiology
    Rangaraya Medical College